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Late Night Blogging...

It's officially June 7, 2012 and my baby girl still has not arrived. My due date was June 5. They say most first time mom deliver up to two weeks late but I was some how convinced that wasn't going to be me. Never mind the fact I was 5 days late and my husband was 10 days late! I just thought my baby would choose the on time route. I know I've stressed being fashionable to her but I guess she really heard the fashionably late thing and ran with it. Either way I am very much anxious, nervous, and excited. I just continuously pray that she is 100% ok when she does decide to arrive. That alone is more important than anything else I could possibly think of.

It's crazy to think how much our lives are about to change. The longer it takes for her to come the more I realize how real this whole thing is. I sincerely pray that I will be that she needs me to be and then some. I pray that my husband and I continue our bond of love and show our daughter everyday what it means. More than anything I am thankful to God for choosing me to carry this little angel. I truly feel like she is a gift. I haven't seen her face or touched her hand but I love her so much it's breath taking.

I will keep you guys updated!

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