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 My name is Jaclyn and I am a 30 year old, married, mother of a 1 year old baby girl. I love to blog about love, life, marriage, motherhood, and everything in between. Follow me as I chronicle the adventures of my modern life. These are my originial thoughts, opinions, and experiences. I am not an expert... I just live.


Favorite TV Couples

Back in the day before reality TV, we had sitcoms. Really, really good sitcoms. Shows about family, love, and friendship. I really miss that. In thinking about my favorite sitcoms, it made me think about the couples that I absolutely love. The couples that define what marriage should look like. I feel fortunate that I grew up during the time of positive shows that depicted healthy African-American families and households.

With that I decided to highlight a few of my FAVE TV couples, past and present.

George and Louise "Weezy"

These two paved the way! You just gotta love George and Weezy!

Bill and Claire


Where do I even begin with these two. I absolutely love these two together. It's still hard for me to believe they are not married in real life. They had such an amazing chemistry on tv. It was truly something special.

Martin and Gina

I love me some Martin and Gina! Martin's ridiculous antics never get old and one things is always for sure, he loves his GINA!

Doug and Carrie

I love these two. They make me laugh. Carrie is rude and says what she thinks, Doug is... Doug. For whatever reason it works and I just love them. Bonus, they have black friends!

Curits and Ella

Curtis is a FULL TIME JOB, but Ella always knows how to handle her man. I love how Ella's character is portrayed. She's always wise and full of praise!

Derwin and Melanie

How can you not feel these two. They are HOT together. They've had their fair share of drama, making them a not so perfect couple in many ways, but I KNOW I'm not the only who feels the intense connection they have. Their relationship feels so real. I love them together. Always rooted for them to get it right.

Calvin and Miranda

In my opinion one of the most beautiful couples on TV right now. Like Derwin and Melanie, they have more than a little bit of drama, but they look so dag on good together! I wish they would date in real life. The children would be gorgeous! 

These are just a few of TV couples that I love.



Ladies we need to talk...

About unwanted facial hair.

I know.

I know.

For some women it is embarassing and inconvenient.

Some women have it more than others. For some women it's due to a hormonal issue. So it's very understandable why this is so embarassing and uncomfortable.

But, it's not your fault and you're not alone.

I noticed I had a bit of a 'stache' my senior year of college. It wasn't devastating, but I definitely noticed it. I noticed it even more when I would wear lip gloss. I'd have glossy lips with a fury shadow above it. Completely not cute.

My saving grace was that no one noticed unless I pointed it out. As I got older, to me it got fuller and more defined. Not prominent, but definitely noticeable. So one day I shaved it with a razor. HORRIBLE idea. The next time I naired it. That was much better but my top lip was noticeably lighter than the rest of my face. A small price to pay to get rid of the furry shadow, in my opinion.

Well I left it alone for years and just let it be, but this summer I found a product that I quite like. 

This box comes with 20 wax strips and wax remover wipes.

These strips are easy to use. You rub it between your palms to warm it up. Then you stick and pull. Not nearly as painful as it sounds.

For women of color bleaching is simply not an option, so these strips might come in handy if you find you have a little shadow above the lip.

Whether you have a little 'stache' or chin hair, don't be embarassed. It happens! I know plenty of women who embrace their hair and leave it alone, and others who obsess over it. If it makes you uncomfortable, find a solution that works for you, if it doesn't bother you- leave it be. It can be a hassel to maintain all the areas that need to waxed, trimmed, painted, etc. Do what makes you happy!  



Midweek Boost

God is Good

Life is Good

Love is Good

I'm excited about what the future holds!

I haven't had the opportunity to post as much as I should because I have been so busy and tired. I'm going to get back in the swing of things soon!

In the meantime...

I'm just trying to live the life I imagined, dreamed, hoped, and prayed for.

I hope you are too!


What do you think?

I don't watch Basketball "Wives", but I have heard of Doug and Jackie Christie prior to their casting on the show.

While I was surfing blogs today I saw a story on Bossip about a couple's tradition of getting married every year on their anniversary. 

I don't know, it's kind of interesting. 

They are not the first couple to do this. I've heard of other celeb couples that have this tradition as well. (clearly you have to have a lot of time and money to plan wedding every year)

They might be on to something. In a world where divorce is more common than anything else, they seem to be holding it together. They've been married for 16 years so it must be working for them.

Marriage is all about the sometimes crazy things that work for you!

What say you? 



Sometimes It's Better To Be Single...

Say what?

Yea, sometimes it’s better to be single and happy than in a crummy relationship and unhappy.

Some women tend to enter into and stay in relationships they know are bad just for the sake of not being single. Being single has its perks especially when you’re in a relationship with a bad guy.

So Shout Out To My Single Happy Ladies!

Today I just wanted to shout out my single ladies out there who are having fun, enjoying life, and holding out for Mr. Right! I know there are many single women that don’t want Mr. Right.

Shout out to y’all too!

So you might be thinking “I thought she thought she was the bomb-dot-com ‘cause she’s married. Now she’s shouting out the single ladies?” (I’m not the bomb-dot-com, I’m the @ModernMrsdotcom and y’all need to follow me on Twitter, I’m tired of talking to myself… haha. I had to throw that in there).

Any way

Yes I love single women who are happy and getting it for themselves. I wasn’t always married and I enjoyed being single at the time. I LOVE being married too. It was the next logical stage in my life as I found what I prayed for. But loving married life doesn’t mean I can’t show love to and support my single friends and readers.  With all the negative media about the high percentage of single black women, I think it’s important to champion for those who are single by choice and not willing to enter bad relationships for the sake of not being a statistic. I completely support that.

I love women that love themselves and know how much they are worth. When you know your value you won’t settle for less no matter what anyone tells you. If you think you’re a dime, you need a man that treats you like a quarter.

My hope is that everyone experiences passionate love from the person they want to love at least once in their life and hopefully it’ll last for a lifetime. Enjoying single life while you can makes marriage that much better!  By time you settle down with the right person you’ll have no regrets.

Keep doing you’re thing and don’t waste time on the toads, they NEVER turn into princes!